Pro-Life Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of the St. Theresa Pro-Life Group, the LifeSavers, is to build a culture of life among our middle school students and educate them about the dignity and sacredness of all human life from conception to natural death.  Through the spiritual adoption program, each member will spiritually adopt one unknown, unborn baby who is in danger of abortion for nine months.  To save the life of an unborn baby and the grief of the baby’s parents, the students will pray the spiritual adoption prayer from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen daily and ask God to give the parents everything they need to have their baby and fulfill the plan God has for their child’s life.  Little One posters from the archdiocese of Baltimore are displayed on our bulletin board to show the baby’s development each from the archdiocese of Baltimore are displayed on our bulletin board to show the baby’s development each month.  At the end of the school year, after nine months of praying for their spiritually adopted baby, we celebrate the baby’s birth!!  Throughout the year, we will also serve the community with projects that help Birthright, Mosaic, Home Delivered Meals for Seniors, Tepeyac Family Center, and the St. Theresa Visitation Ministry.

What are the LifeSavers up to?

Agape letters for prisoners – Corporal Work of Mercy

In cooperation with the prison ministry of the Diocese of Arlington, members of the LifeSavers club were able to write Agape letters to male prisoners who have decided to attend a retreat to grow closer to Christ. We will be able to collect letters through the first week of April.

We were very proud of how charitable the students were and encourage anyone who is interested to participate in this act of charity if they feel called to do so. This could be a great Lenten activity for any parent or child.
We have guidelines to help you get in the correct mindset for reaching this person in need. Please consult this pdf or see more information on the website to guide you as your write the letters. You may send completed letters to the office, to the attention of Tricia Suarez.

Main highlights for writing the letter:

–    hand write letters on plain paper
–    sign the letter with first name only (or use a pseudonym-this is not about us, and more about sharing Christ’s love with this other person)
–    no identifying address, church, school, etc.
–    use “Dear Friend in Christ” or something like that as a greeting
–    no staples, no glitter
–    say a prayer before you write and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you

Middle School Bash – April 16

The Diocese of Arlington is hosting a Middle school bash on Saturday, April 16 from 3:30-9:00pm. Permission forms will be available soon. Below is a promotional video.  Watch closely – someone from our parish is in this video (@ 57 seconds).


The club is open to all middle school students.  Meetings are held during the middle school lunch on alternating Fridays (often in the art room or courtyard).  Middle school students are invited to join us when they can.  Students may wish to make all of the meetings, but if you are not able to join the meeting every time that is okay too.


Feel free to contact the club moderators if you have any questions about the club.

  • Rachel Revelle,
  • Tricia Suarez,


  • Friday, March 18 or Wednesday, March 23
  • Friday, April 8



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