Battle of the Books 2017-2018


Meetings will be held on Wednesdays, as listed below, from 3:30 to 4:10 pm.  Students should have completely read each book by the date for which the meeting is listed. Please note that our library may only have several copies of each book, so it may be necessary to purchase books elsewhere.

During the month of April, a team of 5 students (plus alternates) will be invited to weekly meetings, in order to prepare for the Diocesan-wide competition in May of 2018. That team will be comprised of those students who have consistently demonstrated insight and comprehension of the assigned books.  Below is a tentative schedule of the reading deadlines for the books on our list: (The schedule may be adjusted as necessary.)

September 27, 2017                        The Blackthorn Key by Sands

October 11, 2017                               Hidden Figures (Young Readers’ Edition) by Shetterly

October 18, 2017                             The Trumpet of the Swan by White

October 25, 2017                             Some Writer! by Sweet

November 1, 2017                             Ghosts by Telgemeier

November 15, 2017                           The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Barnhill

November 29, 2017                         The Doldrums by Gannon

December 13, 2017                         Save Me A Seat by Varadarajan and Weeks

January 3, 2018                              The London Eye Mystery by Dowd

January 17, 2018                            The Wild Robot by Brown

January 24, 2018                             My Side of the Mountain by George

February 14 2018                             Sweet Home Alaska by Dagg

February 21, 2018                             The Staircase by Rinaldi

February 28, 2018                           A Night Divided by Nielsen

March 7, 2018                                 Ghost by Reynolds




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