Enjoying summer in November!

Posted by Mrs. Carol Krichbaum | November 5, 2015

November 2, 2015

Dear Parents,

What fantastic warm weather we are having this week- perfect weather to pull our November fire drill!

Please read and print this article in the Huffington Post:


The article describes the differences between rude, mean, and bullying.  I would like to adopt this terminology at our school so we can clearly define what is happening in a given situation.  A child can say one mean thing and be called a bully, when actually he or she might better be described as rude.  The various forms of bullying are defined in the article.  Please save this so you can articulate clearly to a teacher or administrator what the problem is if one arises.  Bullying is not a one time offense.  Rudeness can be eradicated quickly.   No one would want to be the parent of a truly ‘mean’ child.  Bullying is not acceptable at St. Theresa School.

It is time to do my final money saver card collection.  So far, I have been able to pay for the computer keyboarding program which features coding starting in 3rd grade,  can pay for the bus which is the class prize for selling the most cards, and have paid for covers for all 60 of the iPads in the 5th grade.

Unfortunately, I have no money left for other things the teachers have requested.  Please send the remaining  money so that I can buy more benches for outside and a few more items for the teachers.

And now, a drum roll, please!

The winner of the

Class bus trip to the Smithsonian of the teacher’s choice is, for the second year , Mrs. Harr’s class- 5B!

The 10 person party at the Zone was won by the Dayhoff family!

The Baylys won a $50  gift card to their favorite restaurant- Chin Chin, Bonefish, or Parallel!

The teacher whose class  is the first to have 100% participation will win a $50 gift card to a local restaurant!

Both fourth grades had fun trips to  Waterford school house!

Last week’s professional development was a huge success thanks to Mrs. Green, Mrs. Barta, and Mrs. Venkat!

Congratulations to 2B for winning Boxtops this quarter!

Sixth grade chromebooks arrived today!  This year, the techs have found a brand new HP model which has gotten rave reviews and a longer ‘end of life’, which sounds good to me!     Our 6th graders have become far more adept at carrying books from class to class, navigating the hallways, and getting into their lockers.  They are now ready for the challenge of carrying a chromebook!

If you are a veteran or know one, please attend our annual Veterans Day Mass and bring your favorite Veteran to the reception in his/her honor afterward.

Savethe date:  If your family is not leaving town early for Thanksgiving, you may attend a fantastic Family Science  Night on Tuesday, November 24th from 6:30 to 8 p.m.   All families are invited!  We will need 15-30 adult volunteers to help with all the hands on activities for all ages of student!  Dr. Costa is generously sponsoring the evening, which is being provided by the Children’s Science Center (www.childsci.org)  Please come and have fun!  Your k-5 scientists might really surprise you after all the labs they have been doing each week!  There are lots of activities for middle schoolers, too!

Enjoy summer in November!


Carol Krichbaum


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