Eighth Grade

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Elena Boshier | 8A | Teacher Page | Bio & Email
Mrs. Mary Frances Harr | 8B | Teacher Page | Bio & Email

“Specials” Teachers

ART: Mrs. Alicia Bradley
Mrs. Therese Green
LIBRARY: Mr. Christopher Davis
Mr. Mike Stockman
Mrs. Fran Shayka
SPANISH (6-8): Mrs. Elena Boshier

Basic Curriculum

The STS Eighth Grade follows the Diocese of Arlington curriculum guidelines, which can be viewed here. This curriculum includes Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra I Honors, and Geometry) Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Education, and Spanish I.   Specific subject guidelines can be found under each teacher’s subject web page.  All subjects are taught with the development of Catholic values in mind, and with Christ as our main teacher.

School Supplies

School supplies can be ordered through Innisbrook at the end of each school year.  These school packs can be picked up at “Meet the Teacher” day.  Any school packs that are not claimed will be delivered to the student’s classroom.  The school supply list can be viewed here.


Room parents will be in contact with each family regarding volunteering in and outside the classroom for special events and during Art, Computer, PE and library.  St. Theresa School families are asked to complete the volunteer interest form each school year.  You may access it here.

According to the Diocesan Policy, all volunteers are required to submit the necessary Diocesan paperwork prior to volunteering. Paperwork should be processed and “cleared” before anyone can begin his/her service in the School. If you are not compliant, parents will not be allowed into the school to interact with children in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, field trips, field day, parties, coaching, special classes, science fair, etc.

School Policies and Protocols

Please refer to the current Middle School Handbook and the current Parent/Student Handbook for questions on school policy and procedures. Each family must sign and return the handbook agreement form.


Middle School students should bring a morning snack and a lunch each day.

At lunch, the students may purchase milk (this is a one-time order for the whole year—the school office will provide information), or bring in a drink from home.

Hot Lunch and Subway sandwiches will be available for purchase on certain days. The school office will provide information on when this will start up for the year.

The children are not allowed to share food because of allergies. Please remind your student of this policy.


To contact us, you may use email (boshiere@stsashburn.com for 8A and harrm@stsashburn.com for 8B) or you may send notes in with your student.   Any communication you need to send to the office (payments, notes, etc.) can be delivered directly to the office or sent with your student.   Please label it as for the School Office, and we will deliver it for you.

STS uses email as its primary means of communication.  STS also utilizes the school website and the weekly newsletter emails.  Emergency and last minute announcements may occur via our school messaging system.  Please make sure you check your email account daily to get the latest news and information.  Updates to email address, home address, phone number, etc. can be made using Family Information Update form here.


St. Theresa students will have P.E. once a week.  They are required to wear their P.E. uniform for the entire day on P.E. days, including sneakers.  Notifications for spirit wear days and dress-out days are noted on the school calendar and noted in the weekly newsletters.  Winter uniform dates are also announced in the newsletter.  Please refer to the current Parent/Student Handbook for specific uniform requirements.  There is a used uniform in the spring.

Summer Reading

Summer reading assignments can be viewed under Parent Resources/Summer Reading.


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